How to Run a 17Goals Party!

January 15, 2016
Editor @17Goals

… and a report on the first one, in Stockholm, Sweden

Want to run a 17Goals mingle-party? Here’s a report on the first one … and a kit for doing one yourself. Just scroll down for the files. And use the music video, of course, at Have fun!

On the evening of 14 January, in Stockholm, in temperatures that nearly reached -20 C, we had a little launch mingle-party for the “We Love the SDGs” music video. Party host Alan AtKisson also acted as “quiz master,” using a simplified version of the Level 1 Quiz on the 17Goals website.

On hand was a wonderful mix of people representing many aspects of life in Stockholm — people in environmental science, finance, education, activism, advertising, leadership, think-tank work, development aid, the arts, meteorology, social services, insurance … and sustainability, of course.

We celebrated the launch of the SDGs themselves, as well as the New Year’s Day launch of the #SDGMove campaign and video. Video producer Bente Milton was not there (Denmark is not that close to Stockholm), but sound recording producer Andreas Bauman was: see picture 1 below (Andreas is second from the left). Fun to know that Andreas’s and Bente’s work is now circulating around the planet!

Want to run your own 17Goals party?

Here’s a little “party pack” to get you started:

PowerPoint Loop – A set of images from the “We Love the SDGs” video with a “What’s Your SDG Move?” banner — they loop at 7 seconds per slide

Quiz Sheets – Give these out to teams — you can form the teams, as host, or they can form teams themselves, with people they do not know well … a great way to encourage mingling!

Quiz Answers – A fun way to do this is to go through and have the groups call out what they answered … then pause … give the right answer … and have the groups keep their own score! (Don’t forget prizes for the winning team)

Name Tag Template – This is set up for A4 adhesive labels – or just print on paper, cut them out, and give folks safety pins!