“We Love the SDGs” – Song & Video

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Our song about the Sustainable Development Goals has been used by schools, universities, government agencies, and professional training programs.

“We Love the SDGs” is a fun way to learn more about the “Global Goals.” Here you can access the music video, download a free MP3 file of the song, download the “karaoke” version (without the lead vocal), and download a four-part choral arrangement. There is even a study guide for the song, showing line by line how the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda are reflected in the lyrics.

To watch the music video, “We Love the SDGs”, click here to go to YouTube.

Do you want to learn the song, or sing it with a group?

Start by watching the We Love the SDGs music video and let a world of dancers inspire you. You can see and download the lyrics here.

Click to view video on YouTube

Other Downloads and Videos

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