“We Love the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)”

The Song


“We Love the SDGs” is an inspirational — and danceable! — song that was written and performed by Alan AtKisson for 17Goals. The official launch date for the song and the music video was 1 January 2016, which was also when the SDGs come into effect worldwide.

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We Love the SDGs

Music and Lyrics © 2015 by Alan AtKisson   (9 Sept 2015)

There’s a bright new star that’s shining

Can you see its light

And its pointing in one direction

I just know it’s right

There are seventeen goals to strive for

And the road is long

But maybe this is what we were meant for

We’re seven billion strong

       Can this finally be our time?

       Can these seventeen goals all rhyme?


We love the SDGs – We love the SDGs

Ending poverty and hunger

living healthy lives

education and equality

go side by side

We love the SDGs – We love the SDGs

Taking care of all the life

in the ocean and land

clean energy and water

they go hand in hand

We love the SDGs – We love the SDGs

An economy that gives us

what we all really need

green cities, green products

and a lot less greed

We love the SDGs – We love the SDGs

Now we have to come together

live in justice and peace

turn dream into reality

for you and me …



Now the nations have met and spoken

And the words ring true

But whether words turn into action

Depends on what we do

Yes they’re talking of transformation

A whole systems view

But whether we can hold the whole planet in our hearts and minds

Depends on me and you

       Like birds who have stretched their wings

       Take these seventeen goals and sing


CHORUS … then

       And for everyone …

       And the ones who come …

       After us


[Rap – during instrumental interlude]


End poverty everywhere in all its forms

End hunger – make health and wellbeing the norm

Provide education everywhere for all ages

Create decent jobs that pay decent wages

Clean energy and water for the whole population

Clean up industry with lots of green innovation

Equality and empowerment for women and girls

Equality for everyone, all over this world

Creating sustainable cities is vital

All production and consumption has to stay in closed cycles

The climate, the land, the ocean ecosystems

All life on this planet is crying out for assistance

Got to end war, make peace, do right by one another

Be generous to every human sister and brother

To achieve these Sustainable Development Goals

We’ll give it our minds, hearts, bodies and souls


       Like birds who have stretched their wings

       Take these seventeen goals and sing