The 17Goals Basic Slide Set

October 9, 2015
Editor @17Goals

17Goals-Slides-CoverUse these slides — which provide a very basic introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals — as a way to present the SDGs to new audiences. They use the same images as the ones on this website, in the section called The Goals.

But you can also add your own slides. Or change the images if you want, to make them more relevant to you locally. Or translate the text to your own language. (If you do a translation, please share it with us!)

Need some talking points? Hint: Use the text on this website as a way to start developing your presentation. Be sure to match the presentation to the interests of your specific audience! And note that the slides include a link, at the end, to the original source: the United Nations.

Technical details: The slides are in .pptx format. The images in these slides are either from iStock/Getty (which means they are copyrighted, but we have licensed them for 17Goals) or from open source image banks. For your own sake, please leave the 17Goals logo in place, so that it is clear that you are using our slide set, which we have produced and made freely available. If you want to reprint something of ours in a document, just ask; it’s usually fine, as long as you credit it. If you want to use the images in a different context, you need to license them separately from iStock/Getty (that’s not such a big deal, by the way). Also, the font used is called Avenir Next Condensed; you may need to add that to your system to make the slides look right. Or, you can use our PDF Version.


Goal 1/Goal 2/Goal 3/Goal 4/Goal 5/Goal 6/Goal 7/Goal 8/ Goal 9/Goal 10/Goal 11/Goal 12/Goal 13/Goal 14/Goal 15/Goal 16/Goal 17


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Thanks very much for this – great for educational purposes and disseminating the need for all to lend their support for the SDGs. Can slides be used in a publication with 17Goals logo?

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