Watch our SDG Music Video!!

Our SDG Music Video has been used by schools, universities, and professional training programs. You can also use it to inspire action on the SDGs! That’s the idea behind #SDGmove

1. Watch the music video, “We Love the SDGs”. Scroll down to watch it here, or click here to go to YouTube. (“SDGMove” means taking action … but the video will inspire you with SDG dance moves, too!)

2. If you feel inspired, post online about something you are doing to make the SDGs real, or to make people more aware of them. Tag it #SDGMove.

(An easy first step: Share the video, and tag it #SDGMove!)

The full story:

On January 1st, 2016, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came into effect, all over the world. You can learn about the SDGs here at 17Goals. SDGMove was created to help celebrate this historic milestone, and give everyone a way to participate.

The #SDGMove campaign invites everyone to share what they are doing — their unique “move” — to build awareness, commitment, and action to the achieve the SDGs.

Where do you start?

Start by watching the We Love the SDGs music video (below) and let a world of dancers inspire you. (You can add the song to your playlist and see the lyrics here.)

Then make your own “SDG move” …

Everybody has a move they can share: teaching a class, working on a community … even starting a major policy initiative. Whatever your move is, share it! That’s what movement is all about. For more info on how to participate in #SDGMove, see the instructions below the video.

How do I share my “SDG Move”?

1. Document your SDG Move: capture a short video, take a picture, post a PDF

2. Upload your SDG Move on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … whatever works for you

3. Publish your SDG Move along with the hashtag #SDGMove

4. Invite others to do the same!


(If you publish it somewhere besides Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, please write to us so we can see it! Maybe we will feature it on our own social media.)

Share Your #SDGMove     Learn more about the SDGs