WWF: Principles, Inspiration, and Action for a Sustainable Blue Economy

September 30, 2015
Editor @17Goals

To save the oceans, we have to (frankly) love them and take better care of them. We think our friends at WWF are doing a wonderful job at motivating people to wake up, understand how seriously threatened the oceans really are, and take action.

Check out their current global oceans campaign.

But in order to have any chance of saving our seas, we’re going to have to create a green economy in the oceans. And that’s called, for obvious reasons, a blue economy.

WWF has produced a wonderful set of Principles for a Sustainable Blue Economy to help decision-makers of all kinds — international agencies, governments, businesses, local communities — take https://www.sihspune.org/clomid.php steps to make sure human economic development of the oceans and seas (which is accelerating rapidly) stays within nature’s non-negotiable limits, and even helps to restore the seas to health. Healthy seas, it turns out, are vital to our own health, and to a healthy and sustainable global economy, too.

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Check out the Principles here.


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