Understanding the Global Process: The UN Division for Sustainable Development

September 25, 2015
Editor @17Goals

Goal 17 (Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development) is all about making it happen. The phrase “global partnership” is, in part, diplomatic code for making sure the richer countries of this world do their part to bring money, technology, and other resources to the table, so that the poorer countries can have some hope of achieving the rest of the ambitious 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. There is a lot of technical, https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-valium-online/ inter-governmental, diplomatic “stuff” that is baked into Goal 17, having to do with the whole SDG negotiating process.

If you are interested in how our amazingly diverse world struggles — and sometimes succeeds — to come to consensus, and actually work together on this common vision of sustainable development, these 17 goals, you can follow the UN action at the UN’s Sustainable Development website.


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