Climate Change Fact Book: Explaining the Science

November 4, 2015
Editor @17Goals

ClimateChangeFactbook-CoverNo matter what happens in global climate politics, the scientific facts about climate change (Goal 13) remain the same. A newly published Fact Book on climate science, published by SBC Energy Institute (a non-profit research group), provides an excellent free resource for educators, government officials, corporate leaders — indeed anyone who wants quick access to clear, concise information.

Climate Change: Scientific Basis is not a “dumbed down” version of the facts, either. This is an academically sound and complete piece of summarizing work. Although called a book, the PDF version is also laid out in slide format, so you could use these pages in projector when giving a seminar. (SBC Energy Institute gives permission for free use in educational and non-profit contexts.)

Here you will find the latest IPCC data on emissions, temperature, ice cover and more, with a deep historical perspective, as well as basic (but very complete) explanations about how the greenhouse effect works. There are good, geeky scientific graphics, but they are also well-explained. An Appendix even provides helpful data on how the world divides up between those who do, and do not, think that climate change is a problem. (Hint: the folks who actually understand the climate system are very convinced there is a problem.)

This excellent, free resource is highly recommended.


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