World in 2050 Project Addresses SDGs and Beyond with Integrated Modeling

May 2, 2016
Editor @17Goals

Everyone knows the SDGs take us to 2030. But the challenge of sustainable development will certainly not end there. So what happens after that?

A project called “The World in 2050″ brings together international thought leaders and integrated modeling experts from the realms of science and policy, for the purpose of building human and environmental resilience to global change.

The organizing force behind the project is the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

“Key to the project will be an exploration, through integrated modeling, of the transformative pathways that can be lead to sustainability while ensuring respect for the safe operating spaces of our planet,” they’ve stated.

The project additionally seeks to address the full spectrum of sustainable development challenges presented by the SDGs. For example, by exploring how the SDGs interact together and what potential co-benefits and/or trade-offs might exist when multiple SDGs are addressed at the same time— which is critical information for policy and investment decisions.

IIASA recently hosted the project’s second annual workshop, where 50 high level representatives from leading research institutes met to kick-off a new technical phase.

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