VISIS: An Open-Source Methodology for Doing Sustainable Development

May 17, 2016
Editor @17Goals

When it comes to taking the SDGs from vision to action, having a framework or methodology to work with along that journey is of great advantage. The AtKisson Group’s VISIS Method is one such methodology.

The VISIS Method was originally developed by Alan AtKisson in the 1990s to support sustainable development efforts in city and regional planning. Today, VISIS is widely applied in a variety of sectors — business, government, education and research — around the world as a framework for sustainability planning, training, and stakeholder facilitation. It has also been used by the United Nations and will be included in a toolbox of methods now being prepared by the UN.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 1.14.43 PMVISIS stands for Vision > Indicators > Systems > Innovation > Strategy. These are the five critical steps in a sequenced, iterative process of goal-setting, assessment, analysis, initiative development, and planning, in a sustainable development context.

AtKisson Group has recently made an introductory guide to VISIS available for free download. Access it via AtKisson Group’s website, or download it directly HERE.

VISIS is an open-source methodology at the heart of AtKisson Group‘s Accelerator tools. AtKisson Group offers a free, introductory version of their entire sustainability toolkit AcceleratorLite, HERE.

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