UNU Jargon Buster: New app brings clarity to “UN Speak”

November 23, 2015
Editor @17Goals

In its 70 years of existence, the United Nations and its 15 specialized agencies have managed to evolve an equally specialized  “UN Speak,”  full of terminology that leaves many scratching their heads —students, policymakers, and the general public alike.

Luckily, the United Nations University (UNU) has just released an app designed to make such terminology understandable for all. The UNU Jargon Buster functions as a searchable glossary, bringing clarification to hundreds of social, political, and economic terms.

As an extra plus, all the terms are cross-referenced with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making the app’s release extra timely and supportive of the global discussions happening right now.

“In our interconnected world, global discussions rely on a shared understanding of key concepts…[This app] fulfils one of the missions of UNU: to act as a bridge between the UN, academia and the general public.”

The free app is available for Android (on Google Play) and iOS (on the App Store). For more information visit the UNU-MERIT website.

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