UNESCO Science Report complements the SDGs

November 27, 2015
Alan AtKisson

UNESCOScienceReport2015Science plays an extremely important role in the sustainable development agenda — though it is barely mentioned in the Sustainable Development Goals. (The word “science” appears just three times, in the Targets, in connection with fishing management and North-South development exchange.)The new UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030 helps to fill in the gaps by providing details country-specific trends and developments in science, technology, innovation, policy, and governance over the past half decade.

The report is aimed at anyone who wants to get a broad https://www.rossitchpediatricdentistry.com/buy-depakote-online/ overview of scientific trends in our world, and particularly in connection with understanding the kind of science we need in order to realize the SDG vision. The report also functions as a baseline measurement tool — an assessment against which progress can be measured in years to come.

Download and read the report here


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