Toolbox for Localizing the SDGs

January 18, 2017
Editor @17Goals

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.40.02 AMA partnership between UNDP, UN-Habitat, and Global Task Force has resulted in a new toolbox designed to support local stakeholders and their networks, under the leadership of local, regional and national governments in the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs. The toolbox takes the form of an online platform, Localizing the SDGs, where visitors gain access to practical tools and resources that help them initiate the SDG implementation process locally, design enabling frameworks, and strengthen their capacities.

“The Toolbox seeks to raise awareness of the SDGs among local and national actors. It aims to improve their knowledge of the 2030 Agenda, familiarise them with the implications, opportunities and challenges in localizing it, and urge stakeholders to fully realise their crucial role. As an advocacy platform, it also seeks to create an enabling environment for the localization process, to support local ownership and ensure the SDGs integration in sub-national strategies and plans” (Localizing the SDGs).

Besides offering a growing toolbox of resources, the platform serves as an interactive space for knowledge exchange. Visitors are encouraged to upload their own resources, share success stories, engage in and start discussions, and post SDG-related events. To learn more about the platform, watch the introductory video below and visit

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