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April 26, 2017
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This article, written by high school curriculum specialist Craig Perrier on, not only offers an interesting discussion on how to prepare students to be great global citizens, it also includes a great starter guide for introducing students to the SDGs within the framework of project-based learning. Here is an excerpt:

Design matters. Introducing your PBL in conjunction with one or more of the UN SDGs can be staged in multiple ways. Consider these approaches as you begin to integrate SDGs and PBL into your class:

  1. Solve a Real Problem: SDGs are real problems! Being explicit with students and connecting their work locally to SDGs frames their PBL work as global citizens.
  2. Meet a Design Challenge: Informing the public about the UN SDGs is an important task. How will students do that? Who will their audience be?
  3. Explore a Question: Students explore large questions about the world that cuts across cultures and nations.
  4. Conduct an Investigation: Does your community have clean water, provide a quality education, or promote responsible consumption? Investigating these goals yields answers to the UN SDGs and can be shared.
  5. Take a Position: What are your students’ worldviews on any of these topics? Who informs them and how do they communicate that view? Comparative approaches are effective.
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