Sustainia100: The Annual Guide to Innovative Sustainability Solutions

December 29, 2016
Editor @17Goals

We can keep talking about policies, goals, targets, and deadlines, but when it comes to creating a sustainable future, sometimes the strongest momentum creator is seeing examples of real, accessible solutions that are already happening around us.

Sustainia is a think tank and consultancy in Copenhagen that’s dedicated to identifying and sharing inspiring example after example of the sustainable future that’s already in the making. Their Sustainia100 guide, published every year since 2012, features 100 innovative sustainability solutions— including projects, initiatives, and technologies —from around the world.

“Sustainia100 gives investors, business leaders, policy makers and consumers insights into promising solutions within their respective fields. These vetted projects and technologies span from Western innovation hubs to emerging economies.”

Visit the Sustainia100 webpagescreen-shot-2016-12-29-at-11-21-32-pm to read and download all of the guides, including the 2016 edition which is dedicated to solutions that address interconnected global challenges and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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