Guide: Scaling Up Green Bonds

December 15, 2015
Editor @17Goals

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 1.00.35 PM“Green bonds” are loans that come with specific “green” conditions. They are issued by public authorities (like cities) or companies when they want to raise money to become more environmentally sustainable — though most have a social component as well. Green bonds are growing exponentially, too, but they need to spread even faster, because they are a proven, powerful tool for financing transformation.

Here comes a guide to help do exactly that. The Climate Bonds Initiative and the UN Environment Program (UNEP) have just published a new guide that offers detailed action plans and best-practice examples. The goal: scaling up the green bond markets, even more rapidly.

“This policy guide offers a range of options for building green bond markets which ultimately will help policymakers, regulators and public financial institutions meet their infrastructure investment needs, capital market development aims, and targets for climate action and environmental protection.”


Who should read this? (1) Anybody working in a public or private sector organization that issues bonds, and who wants to learn about how to make those bonds greener. (2) Anybody studying sustainable development, and especially if you are interested in the banking, financing, and investment side. And (3) anyone who is interested in the practical details of paying for transformation.

Learn more and download the guide here



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