17Goals and DOGA Launch Oslo Manifesto at Framtanker Today

November 17, 2016
Editor @17Goals

Today, the design community meets up in Oslo for the Framtanker conference to put design and sustainability on the agenda, sharing and discussing ways to turn their ideals into responsible and profitable business. Today is also the day that, with the official launch of the Oslo Manifesto, the Sustainable Development Goals become an even bigger part of that discussion.


Alan AtKisson on stage at DOGA’s Framtanker event today. Talking about the SDGs and introducing the Oslo Manifesto as the ultimate https://gigglesgobblesandgulps.com/buy-valtrex-500mg/ brief for Sustainable Design.

A joint initiative of 17Goals and DOGA Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, the Oslo Manifesto embraces the sustainable development goals as the ultimate design brief for a new, sustainable world. Designers, architects, city planners, creative professionals, and the organizations and institutions they work with, are all invited to sign the manifesto and submit action statements as a sign of their commitment.

Learn more about the Oslo Manifesto here, and help spread the news!

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