ISO 2600 and the SDGs

February 8, 2017
Editor @17Goals

The 2030 Agenda and UN Sustainable Development Goals are not the first plans or standards for sustainable development the world has ever seen. In fact, at times it seems there are more agendas and standards, programs, principles, and targets than ever before. It can get overwhelming. How do you know which standards to follow? Or how they work together (if at all)?

ISO 26000 is one such set of standards that’s existed long before we even heard of the SDGs (and a highly respected one too). ISO 26000 “provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to sustainable development while taking into account the expectations of stakeholders, applicable laws and international norms of behavior” (ISO).

Lucky for us, ISO has recognized the need for clarification and has put together a special guide, ISO 26000 and SDGs, about how you can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals using ISO 26000 as a complementary tool. According to them, ISO 26000 “offers more than 450 recommendations related to its main principles and core subjects of social responsibility that help organizations contribute to the SDG goals.”

The guide also includes five quick start tips for getting started integrating social responsibility throughout your organization.

Download the PDF guide here:
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