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December 3, 2015
Editor @17Goals

As the climate summit in Paris continues, we will post additional resources related to Goal 13, “urgent action on climate change.”

If you are looking for the knowledge and inspiration you need to transform energy systems and cut green house gas emissions, check out this free self-study educational program offered via our 17 Goals network partner, The Natural Edge Project.

The program, called Energy Transformed: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation, consists of 30 free lectures in PDF format, and brings together knowledge of how countries—and even industries, governments, businesses, and households—can achieve at least 60% cuts to greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Using Australia as a country case study, this training package provides an updated overview of advances in low carbon technologies, renewable energy and sustainable transport which can help achieve a sustainable energy future. The program seeks to compliment other initiatives working to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through behaviour change, sustainable consumption, and constructive changes in economic incentives and policy.

The Natural Edge Project’s online resource is a comprehensive resource to assist and empower people globally to play their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I highly recommend it for the university sector and for professional groups such as engineers and architects who have a key role to play in helping business and government to reduce their emissions.

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Director General of the Energy and Research Institute, Delhi, Chief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize


Check out the program here.

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