3 Organizations Helping Educators Teach the SDGs

June 29, 2017
Editor @17Goals

Educators have one of the most important jobs there is, helping empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive—not only in their own lives but as responsible citizens of the world. And there’s no question that young people are one of the keys to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. But how do you go about teaching the goals? Here are three organizations that are ready to help.

1. The World’s Largest Lesson 

Initiated by Project Everyone, The World’s Largest Lesson is a platform dedicated to to make sure every young person around the world knows about the SDGs and feels empowered to take action. On their website you can access a free online SDG teaching course, and a library full of downloadable templates, lesson plans, and other resources ready for use in the classroom.

Examples of resources:


2. The Teach SDGs Project 

The Teach SDGs Project is run by a global task force of educators committed to teaching the SDGs to children and collectively creating a better world. They invite educators to join in by taking the #TeachSDGs pledge,  helping spread the word about teaching the SDGs, and take action in their own classrooms. They additionally offer a resource bank organized by goal.

Examples of resources:


3. Practical Action

Practical Action is an international NGO devoted to using technology to help empower people in poor communities to build skills and knowledge that helps them produce the sustainable and practical solutions they need and transform their lives for the better. Their website includes free resources for schools, including a templates, teachers’ notes, and other materials that support teaching the SDGs to pupils aged 7-18.

Examples of resources: