Our Story


Our involvement with the SDGs began back in 2012 when we initiated a campaign encouraging people to get involved with the process of their creation.  Hundreds of groups around the world participated. (You can read about it here.)


Now that the SDGs have been officially adopted, phase two of our mission can begin. Now it’s time for action. We want to help schools, universities, companies, and communities make these 17 goals part of their “standard operating procedure.”

On this website, and through our social media channels, you can find information about what the 17 goals https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-ambien-online/ are, what they mean, and how you can work with them. You can also find links to key United Nations websites and other publicly available resources.

Sustainable development is a global challenge. But it is also a personal and organizational responsibility. We feel that learning and doing sustainable development is rewarding, satisfying, and engaging. We believe that by participating in 17Goals — and by getting involved with the process of turning the vision of the SDGs into reality — you will feel the same.

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