This Tool Lets You Explore Global Resource Trade Flows and Their Environmental Impact

May 10, 2017
Editor @17Goals

According to Chatham House, “The volume of natural resources traded globally has increased over 60% since the turn of the century, reflecting and reinforcing new economic and geopolitical realities and bringing new environmental and social challenges – as well as opportunities.”

Chatham House’s newly released website,, lets everyone explore these fast-evolving dynamics. The site features an extensive database of international trade information developed from United Nations data. Visitors can visually and interactively explore the data—sorted by exporter, importer, commodity, and year—and gain insights into the total value and environmental impacts resulting from each trade flow.

“We hope that the comprehensive and accessible data and analysis will help raise awareness of the importance of global resource trade and contribute to informed decision-making by government officials, private sector actors, communities and consumers alike.”


For more information, visit the site and watch the introductory video below.